Principal Annette Bitter

Office Staff

Principal’s Secretary

mainstreetelementary_fp_41949Jennifer Del Carlo



Administrative/Attendance Assistant

Laura Struckmeyer

Laura assists students and parents in the office. She handles all of the attendance for Main Street.


mainstreetelementary_fp_41813Millicent Frost – Kindergarten

Millicent grew up in Cupertino over the hill and spent a lot of time in Santa Cruz during her childhood. Her mother was a high school English teacher and her father was on the Fremont Unified high School District school board for many years. It was inevitable that she would become an educator. As education was very important to her family. She graduated from Cal Poly SLO and did her graduate level education courses at UCSB. She has been teaching for 24 years mostly in Santa Monica. She really enjoys teaching Kindergarten. She is married to her husband Adam and they have two children Jonah 11 and Chloe 6. In her spare time she enjoys running, bike rides with her family, yoga, pilates and beach volleyball.

mainstreetelementary_fp_41656 Erin Brown – Kindergarten

Ms. Brown is from Durham, California near Chico. She has 12 years experience teaching kindergarten, first, and second grades. For hobbies Ms. Brown likes  hiking, camping, gardening, reading, and baking. She believes that children come to school with a lot of information and knowledge to share. She aims to build on what students know and to encourage them to develop their own unique potential. Her philosophy is  child-centered and  prefers to serve as a guide whenever possible as children construct their own understanding.


mainstreetelementary_fp_41886Jessica Parsons – Kindergarten

Jessica Parsons has been teaching primary grades for 6 years and is very excited for her first year here at Main Street Elementary! Teaching is her passion and she is excited to come into the classroom everyday to see her students growing and learning. She loves the strong bond that is created between teacher, student, families and the community. Her educational philosophy is based on helping students to reach their potential by creating a challenging, fun and nurturing classroom community. When she is not in the classroom, Jessica loves to do anything outdoors, but especially rock climbing, hiking, camping or running. She also enjoys cooking and relaxing with her friends and family.


mainstreetelementary_fp_41820JoAnna Race – First Grade

Mrs. Race is a Santa Cruz native who attended Soquel School District during her childhood. She enjoys teaching elementary school and guiding her students through new experiences. She has a background in ceramics and creates amazing students projects through out the year. Her classroom community is intellectually stimulating, compassionate, organized, and creative.

Laura Bender- First Grade

Aubrie Polito-First Grade

mainstreetelementary_fp_41694Suzanne Denham – Second Grade

Ms. Denham has lived in Santa Cruz County since 1982. For many years she taught first grade and kindergarten. Currently she is teaching second grade and brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to her classroom. She has 29 years of experience as a teacher in Santa Cruz. Ms. Denham enjoys all the wonderful activities our community has to offer: dancing, running, yoga, kayaking, SUPing, weight lifting, gardening, and spin. She also experiments with cooking delicious Paleo meals and loves sampling coffee and tea from around the world.

mainstreetelementary_fp_42235Sara Galvan – Second Grade

 Erik Foster-Second Grade

Team teacher with Mrs. Galvan

Jolee Gies – Second Grade


mainstreetelementary_fp_42076Portlan Beckman – Special Day Class Teacher, K-3

mainstreetelementary_fp_42248Donna-Renee Martin – Third Grade

Ms. Martin has been teaching about 20 years and has been at Main Street School for 18 years. She tries to see each student as the person that he or she is, recognizing that students come from a wide variety of family situations, having had very unique personal experiences, each on very different academic and social developmental trajectories. Ms. Martin especially loves traveling and foreign languages, and has been fortunate to have many chances to travel for work, pleasure, and citizen diplomacy.


mainstreetelementary_fp_42139Laura Johnson – Third/Fourth Grade

Ms. Johnson is from beautiful Northern California town of Arcata. She has 13 years experience and has taught grades: first, third, and fourth as well as pre-school and kindergarten. Some of her hobbies include reading, baking, gardening, exploring nature, working out in the gym, swimming, and spending time with her family.


mainstreetelementary_fp_42336Rick Boyce – Third Grade

Mr. Boyce was born in Maine and moved to California in 1971. He has been in Santa Cruz County since 1978 and has 23 years of teaching experience, 20 of which have been at Main Street. He has taught grades second through fifth and is the technology mentor teacher for all of the grades. His hobbies include motorcycling, camping, hiking, gardening, softball, reading, and playing the guitar. He believes that all students can learn and achieve when provided with a supportive teacher and a comfortable environment.


mainstreetelementary_fp_40966Elizabeth “Beth” Willen – Fourth Grade

Ms. Willen loves to teach and travel. She has 18 years teaching experience in California and abroad. Prior to working at Main Street Elementary, she worked at the American International School of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In addition to that Ms. Willen taught in Israel, China, and Japan. She enjoys camping, hiking and exploring new places with her family. Ms. Willen and Ms. Shank work together.

mainstreetelementary_fp_40967Katie Shank – Fourth Grade

Ms. Shank grew up in Aptos and has been teaching K-12 for 8 years. She majored in English at SJSU and earned two credentials: a single subject credential in English and a multiple subject credential. Her most recent experience has been as a 4th grade classroom math teacher and math support teacher at Main Street. Prior to teaching math, she was a 4th grade reading intervention teacher, a high school English teacher, and a college-level reading and writing tutor at San Jose State. In addition to her joy of teaching, she likes photography, videography, hiking, gardening, reading and spending time with family and friends.

mainstreetelementary_fp_41362Ann Wilson – Fourth Grade

Ms. Wilson is from Boulder Creek, California and enjoys: swimming, reading, and spending time with family and friends. She has 12 years experience and has taught grades: fourth, fifth, and sixth. She also has taught Reading Intervention.


mainstreetelementary_fp_41168Ilana Lowe – Fifth Grade

Ms. Lowe is from New Jersey and has been teaching for 10 years, both fourth and fifth grade. Her hobbies include camping, enjoying nature, playing guitar, spending time with family, crafting, and baking. She is passionate about working with children and creating a classroom community where students feel their voices are heard. Where they are excited to learn and where they feel confident in who they are.


mainstreetelementary_fp_41115Lisa Gammino – Fifth Grade

Ms. Gammino is native to Santa Cruz. She has 15 years experience and has taught both fourth and fifth grades. Some of her hobbies include going to the beach, bike riding, spending time with family, and reading. She believes it is important to set high expectations for students not only in behavior but also in education. It is the teacher’s duty to provide the tools and support to help the students to achieve these goals. Each student learns in a different way and at a different pace. The teacher, from his or her training and experiences, can provide various methods for delivering…


mainstreetelementary_fp_41353Heather Springe Fifth Grade Teacher

Heather Springe.

mainstreetelementary_fp_40870-1Joanne Rude Special Day Class Teacher

Ms. Rude has lived in Boulder Creek for the past 37 years. She has 24 years experience in the SUESD and has taught grades from preschool through high school, all subjects. Some of her hobbies include reading, walking, and she enjoys learning. There is always something new to learn and she can teach anyone!


Nancy Bremner Speech Teacher

Ms. Bremner has lived in Santa Cruz for 40 years. She is a speech/ language therapy teacher for kindergarten through fifth grade and has 18 years of teaching experience. Her hobbies include gardening, playing Scrabble on her iPad, and swimming. She believes all students are unique individuals. “Diversity creates dimension in our world.”

mainstreetelementary_fp_41166Megan McElroy Music Teacher

                             Samantha Lucas – Intervention Teacher

mainstreetelementary_fp_42039Mallory Bremner – English Language Development Teacher


                          Allison Lovell Resource Teacher

Support Staff

Melissa Volo – School Psychologist

Ms. Volo relocated to Santa Cruz from her home town in Rochester, New York. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut, where she developed a passion for psychology and social sciences. She went on to earn a Master’s degree in School Psychology from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Ms. Volo enjoys spending time outside, eating ice cream, reading, and chatting with friends. She looks forward to supporting students as they grow and learn at Main Street.