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Principal Annette Bitter

Principal’s Message I hope all of you have a relaxing, memorable spring break and come back ready for the last nine weeks of school. It will definitely fly by as we continue teaching, assessing students with state and district tests, and participating in many fun filled activities. We appreciate your support during this busy time! Please note all of the many upcoming events listed in this newsletter and also on our website calendar. If you haven’t looked at our newly designed web page, please check it out at Parent volunteer Liz Toshikian has done an outstanding job redesigning and making the web site more user friendly.

At the last FOMS meeting, we had a lengthy discussion about the safety of our parking lot during drop off and pick up. Many parents expressed concern about drivers not following the rules and being discourteous, which leads to more congestion and safety issues than necessary. Even if you’ve read the guidelines before, PLEASE take the time to read them again and do your best to follow them. Our children’s lives are too important to not follow these rules:  Please treat our campus supervisors courteously and follow their directions! Their number one priority is your child’s safety.

 The most important thing to remember is to be courteous, cautious, and constantly aware (always looking all around you) as you are driving through the parking lot.

 We have more staff members than we have parking stalls, so it is imperative that you do not use the staff parking lot to park your car or drop-off/pick-up students.

 Drivers should not form two lines on Main Street while waiting to enter the school parking lot. This blocks traffic on Main Street and could lead to an accident.

 When you are driving north on Main Street, please pull to the right, and wait in a single line as you approach the school parking lot.

 Please note the No Parking Signs from Bridge Street to the driveway from 2:00 to 3:30 each school day. We need you to observe this no parking zone on early release days from 11:00 to 12:15 as well, as it really helps the flow of traffic.

 Once in the school parking lot, maintain one line on the far right. A second lane on the far left may be formed once you are past the lower left entrance to the parking area.

 If you are in the pick-up/drop-off lines, you must stay in your vehicle and pull all the way forward before stopping, and then continue to move forward, closing the gaps, until you have exited the parking lot.

 Do not leave your car unattended unless it is parked in one of the stalls.

 Please do not park in the bus zone.

 Make sure you stop at ALL stop signs in and around the school property.

 If you are picking up multiple children at different times, please consider parking in a space and walking up to pick up your children. A reminder: Children are not allowed to play on the playground, unless it is their recess or PE time and they are supervised by an employee, until after 3:05 pm.

 Please use the marked crosswalk when crossing the street.

 Do not park in front of the driveway next to the MU room.

 Finally, please consider car-pooling to help decrease the congestion in the parking lot. On behalf of the staff, thank you so much for following the procedures for our parking lot.

Best regards, Annette Bitter, Principal