Principal’s News


Principal Annette Bitter

It is difficult to believe that this is not only the last newsletter of the year, but also the last newsletter I will write as principal of Main Street Elementary School, home of the Great Blue Herons. What an incredible journey it has been! Many of you have shared with me how I have positively touched your lives, and I want you to know, the feelings are mutual. As I leave here, I take with me treasured memories of the past six years and how you all have made my life richer for having known you. I will always have a special place in my heart for this incredible school community.

As the year is winding to a close, some great stuff has been happening! As reported in the last newsletter, six of our 5th grade students went to the State Invention Convention competition, and I’m excited to tell you that Nicole Orlando and Chelsea Clayton with “The Crutch Clip” and Gabriella Gonzalez with “Furr Mama Simulator” received merit awards. Advancing to the National Invention Convention at the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan are Nicole Orlando and Chelsea Clayton with “The Crutch Clip” and Hailey Vicar with “From Sink to Garden”. We are so proud of these students! This is such a big deal that the Santa Cruz Sentinel featured the competition in a recent article. You can read the article at: Of course getting to Michigan for the national convention is quite costly, so I would like to encourage you to consider donating to a special GoFundMe account that has been created to assist these families. Any amount is appreciated. Here’s the link:

We are also pleased to announce that the AAA School Safety Patrol Program for the region of Northern California, Nevada and Utah has recognized two of our students. Winners were judged by leadership qualities, safety skills, school involvement, citizenship/volunteerism, and capabilities. Congratulations to Hailey Vicar, Patroller of the Year and Tiki Gonzalez, Honorable Mention Patroller of the Year. Both students will receive a plaque and Main Street will receive $3,000 to be used for the Safety Patrol program.

Caring is one of our Main Street Way character traits, so we often give our students opportunities to give back to the community. Recently, our students raised funds for children with leukemia through the Pennies for Patients organization. As always students and families were generous, raising $711.16, to support children going through such a difficult time. Congratulations to Ms. Parson’s and Ms. Frosts’ students who donated the most money and will enjoy an ice cream party.

On March 14th, we held a special event, Main Street Stands Together, to highlight the importance of inclusiveness and caring for each other. In addition to singing and listening to positive messages, each student decorated a “caring rock” with an affirmative message or image, which will now be used to create a “caring path” in our butterfly garden in front of the Commons area. Spearheaded by Campus Supervisor Mandi Gonzalez, this “path of caring rocks” will be a lasting tribute to students’ lives touched by violence and our school’s commitment to showing others that we care.  Several individuals and companies have donated their time and materials to make this happen, including Aptos Landscape, Home Depot, Orchard Supply, Mandi Lopez and family, Bryan Kerko and family, Mary Guizio, and Bobbi Toshikian. The display will be completed by Open House on May 24th, so make sure you check it out. As a special feature, a statue of our mascot, a Great Blue Heron, will overlook the caring path.

Hope to see you at Open House on Thursday, May 24, from 6:15-7:15 pm!

Best regards always, Annette Taylor (formerly Bitter), Principal