Life Lab

News From the Life Lab Garden 

We are seeking volunteers for grades 1st-5th to:

Instruct life lab for 2 hours per month for your child’s classroom on two pre-scheduled dates every month (life lab classes will be held on either a Monday, Wednesday or a Friday and you will have your instruction dates for the entire year given to you before school starts back up in the fall)

-Attend 1 of 2 training sessions held in July and August for one hour.

-Attend 1 of 4 quarterly garden maintenance potlucks for one hour.

-Help staff 1 of 2 fundraiser booths for a 30-minute block of time either for our fall fundraiser or our spring fundraiser.


Mark your calendars for the May 26, 2016 open house spring fundraiser!  Life lab will be having open house in the garden; we will have Jamba Juice smoothies for sale (

Life Lab Program

“Drawing on over thirty years of work with young people in gardens, Life Lab, a nonprofit organization, has emerged as a national leader in the garden-based learning movement. Through workshops and consultations, we have provided tens of thousands of educators across the country with the inspiration and information necessary to engage young people in gardens and on farms. Our workshops and award-winning publications are the go-to resource for educators and families interested in engaging young people in gardens. At the Life Lab Garden Classroom educational center in Santa Cruz, CA, we continue to promote experiential learning for people of all ages through field trips, our “Food What?!” youth empowerment and food justice program, children’s camps, and teacher workshops.”

Volunteers for Life Lab

The Life Lab needs volunteers for a few more classes. Please go to this site and sign-up,

Main Street’s Life Lab

Science is at our fingertips in the Life Lab at Main Street. A Life Lab provides a diverse learning environment across the curriculum. From graphing growth or water use charts to writing stories about the wonders seen in a garden. The produce grown needs specific nutrients to survive and students learn all the Life Lab’s biodiversity. Students and the community share in the joy of a farm to school experience the Life Lab provides.  Volunteers are a necessity to the survival and prosperity of the Life Lab. Please inquire at the school office if you wish to support this important aspect to your child’s education and nutrition.