Tops for Popsicles

Since 2013 we have raised $2,757.83 on Box Top donations! That is an average of $551.57 per yer. Our goal for the 2017/2018 school year is to raise $1,000 that is 10,000 Box Tops. So far this year we have raised $107.00. This January we have begun our second Box Top collection fundraiser and already have 300 Box Tops! This second Box Top fundraiser began January 8, 2018 and runs through March 23,2018.
The class who brings in the most Box Tops will win a Popsicle Party!

Click on the following link for more information on how this program earns money for Main Street School: BOX TOPS. Click HERE to glue your Box Tops in groups of 50 to bring back to your child’s teacher!
If you have questions, please contact Teresa Maguire at